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About Epidermis Anti Aging Center

"Put your skin in the hands of the experienced...experience matters!"

Here at WHC we have a philosophy. We know that skin care is not just a well needed and deserved treatment at our facility once or twice a month, but a daily routine, that if done together, gives you outstanding results. To that end, we have priced our services to allow you to receive the continuing care your skin requires, thereby achieving the optimum results in treatment that you have not experienced anywhere else.

WHC utilizes only the best skin care products and our goal is to help educate you on the proper maintenance and use of these. By combining knowledgeable home care therapy and facial treatments, together, we will create visible and lasting results. At WHC, It is our mission to do the right thing and we are confident that once you put your skin in the hands of the experienced, you will know you have made the right choice.

We look forward to treating you.

NOTE: Epidermis Anti Aging Center follows federally approved sterilization procedures, which include the wearing of disposable gloves for treatments. Epidermis Anti Aging Center is under the medical supervision of Our Physician.

Epidermis, Inc.
260 Revere St, Winthrop, MA 02152
(617) 212-0938

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