Benefits of Crystal Light Bath

  • cleanse, rejuvenate, and realign your chakras
  • clear and balance your energy field
  • begin healing processes in your body and psyche
  • rejuvenate your physical and immune systems
  • receive insights, guidance, and healing on any aspect of your life
  • deepen and expand your spirituality
  • Improved Health
  • Pain Relief
  • Feeling more energized-clear thoughts - increased ability to focus
  • Deeper spiritual understanding of themselves
  • Feeling less stressed and an increased overall well being
  • Spiritual Visions
  • Seeing Relatives from the other side
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Healing } Crystal Healing Bed

Crystal Light Therapy

What does it do for me?

Crystal bath therapy affects every aspect of your being—from physical to spiritual—creating balance and harmony on all levels.

What is it?

The crystal bed has seven polished Vogel quartz crystals which are suspended above the client’s seven human energy centers or chakras. Each crystal has been cut to a particular frequency. Light, color, and energy matching each chakra radiate through each crystal in an alternating pattern to cleanse, balance, realign your chakras. You lie on a massage table or bed face up with your eyes closed, bathing in the energy, while listening to soothing music. 

What will I experience?

Each person’s experience is unique according to their own healing process. People often report feeling deep peace, rest, and serenity. You may experience warmth, movement, or tingling sensations. You may process and release personal issues and memories. You may also receive insights, perspective, and life lessons, experience expanded states of consciousness and other dimensions. Many feel so deeply relaxed that they often fall asleep.

How do I prepare?

Come with an attitude of openness and relaxed receptivity. You may want to prepare before with one or a few intentions, if you feel called to do so. When you begin the treatment, you might tune into and allow the energies to take you where you need to go. Even if you don’t “feel” anything, you will still receive from the treatment.

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A Crystal Light Bath Treatment is the closest thing to being at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. Crystal beds are a healing modality which use specially cut and lighted crystals. They are prescribed by the Entities, Beings of Light and Love, who work through John of God. While visiting the Casa, they are often prescribed to rejuvenate and realign chakras, and to prepare you for deeper healing. Away from the Casa, a crystal bed serves as a portal for the Entities to work on you individually.

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