Benefits of Lip Enhancement

  • Fuller Lips
  • Fills Lines
  • Smoother Lips
  • Softer Plump Young looking Lips
  • Fullness Lasts 6 - 12 months
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Cosmetic Enhancements } Lip Enhancement

Lip InjectionsAmple, luscious, perfect lips have always had their admirers. Among them was Alfred, Lord Tennyson, the 19th century English poet who wrote what could truly be considered an ode to beautiful lips:
“A man had given all other bliss, And all his worldly worth for this, To waste his whole heart in one kiss Upon her perfect lips”

Since modern medicine has made it possible for us to be healthier, more active and younger-looking than we are, we aren't about to settle for less without a fight. Whether we pursue perfection through products or procedures , the means exist to get us where we want to go. Today, when it comes to lip augmentation, there have never been more options available to enhance what Mother Nature gave you!

Do you wish to get lips like Angelina Jolie? Lips that are swollen and moist are magnets for another's kiss. Lush and full, they call out to be touched. If you are saddled with narrow and unappealing lips that scream out "hag", it may be time to look into some options for enhancement that are on the market today.Well, you can plump them up with the help of lip injections.

Learn more about Lip Enhancement.

One way to get that fuller look that you so desire are with injections. There are cosmetic fillers designed to do just that such as Restylane or Juvederm which can be injected into the mouth and lip area. Restylane is an injectable gel that was originally manufactured in Sweden over ten years ago.

It can instantly add fullness and volume to the lip area but it isn't permanent. It is a substance made up of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid. This is similar to a substance which human bodies have within their own chemistry so is said to be tissue friendly. There will be some pain involved in the procedure but it is usually taken care of with an anesthetic similar to a dental block.

An entire one session process usually only takes about a half hour to administer. A tiny and narrow needle is used to inject it. The effect lasts anywhere from six to twelve months.

Before and After Photos

Before Lip Enhancement After Lip Enhancement Lip Enhancement Lip Enhancement Lip Enhancement Lip Enhancement